Telflamm is usually considered to be the biggest and most important city in Thesk; however, Telflamm is actually an independent city-state—but wields so much power and influence over the country that it might as well be the capital. Telflamm was officially founded in 926 DR by Windyn Balindre, who moved his base of operations from Impiltur to this newly-built settlement and declared himself ‘Merchant Prince’, a hereditary title.

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The Heroes of Wayhaven have purchased goods both from the Red Wizard’s enclave (Thorwald and Darren) and various merchants (native and Shou) off of Shemszarr Square. They have established friendly relations with the Oghmite temple.

When visiting the Tyrian temple to purchase healing for Yuri Urjak, they noticed a couple of local toughs conspicuously inconspicuously watching the supplicants.

Deities with notable houses of worship include Waukeen, Tyr, Chauntea (Onkos’ early tutors), and Oghma.

Businesses include the Tankard, an upscale adventurers’ inn near the Temple to Oghma.



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