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  • Marnee

    Marnee is the blackscale lizardwoman who helped the [[Heroes of Wayhaven]] stop her tribe‚Äôs expansionary war by committing mutiny and killing her brother in single combat. She is currently a member of the [[Other Guys]] and is acting sheriff of [[ …

  • Adram Palaseer

    A cleric of Tymora. He is not likely to stick around forever, but for the time being he is having fun. He is romantically entangled with [[:red-wizard-lady | Red Wizard Lady]]. He is a tall (5'11"), slim half-elf. He has dirty-blonde hair and blue …

  • Szoreny Harkenin

    Szoreny is a tall (6'2"), gaunt human from Thay. She is always dressed in the long red robes preferred by the wizards of her home country. Her bare scalp is tattooed with arcane symbols. She is always carrying a teak wood staff that softly rattles from …

  • Koroto

    He is a Tuigan left behind by the horde. Making his way back he became a caravan guard to make ends meet and it stuck. He half-heartedly looks out for signs of his old tribe, but has largely become accustomed to his new life.

  • Gregor Piotrvich

    Gregor is a tall (5'11"), dour man. He keeps his long dark hair braided. He is one of the construction workers hired by the Allsteads to help build their new inn. He tends to keep to himself.

  • Havershams

    A family of five, they are coming along to grow food for the new town. They are a friendly family. The members are Erman, Coralyn, Erman Jr (16), Herman (12), and Hope (11).

  • Mills

    Donder is about average height (5'9") and wire thin. He has a generally unkempt appearance and tends to always have a bottle on him. His son, Tommer (10) is nice and friendly, though he doesn't talk much. He tends to spend most of his free time playing by …

  • Omber Broadfoot

    An amiable Strongheart halfling. Omber has short dark hair and twinkling eyes. He will often ask to hear tales from someone, but they seldom get a chance to finish before he begins spinning one of his long, boring yarns. He has a small cart packed to …

  • Torvins

    A family of six, the Torvins are also looking to set down roots in a new land. The family consists of Sherman, Thistle, Heather, Eldon, Rose, and Pansy.

  • Bonnie Hockett

    Bonnie, like most halflings, is short (3'2"). She has shoulder length, curly red hair, freckles, and an upturned nose. She has joined the caravan hoping to provide supplies to the residents of the new town. Her disposition is friendly, if a bit rough …

  • Allsteads

    Vespin and Snowbell allstead are a pair of hopeful hoteliers. They have hired [[:gregor]] to help build the new inn they hope to establish. They are a friendly, outgoing pair.

  • Orim Stoneshaper

    A middle-aged Gold Dwarf, Orim is a very capable stonesmith. His beard is normally a light brown, but is grey with stone dust when he is working. He and his apprentice tend to stay on their wagon and not mix with the others much.

  • Helm Stoutheart

    A fairly young Gold Dwarf, he is [[:orim]]'s apprentice. He seems to want to meet his fellow travellers, but [[:orim]] keeps him busy around the wagon. He has brilliant red hair and keeps his beard plaited in a long braid.

  • Thornwald Durant IV

    Homeland: Thesk, city of Phsant (209) Before the recent unpleasantness that caused him to leave his home behind, Thornwald Durant IV was living the life. From a young age he was obviously blessed with undeniable talents. He was a link to his family's …

  • Aniss

    Aniss is a red-haired human bard in her late 20's. The party met her when she was invited to lead the Oghmite evening devotions at the temple in [[Telflamm]]. She was intrigued by [[Wayhaven]] and the party's descriptions of their neighbors and adventures …

  • Lissa Greatorm

    She was recruited from the Great Dale along with her learned master, Colmarr, and some companions, by an ogre mage in disguise. He took them to the shore of the [[Lake of Mists]] where he had them construct a diving bell. She was rescued from a nearly …