Tag: farmer


  • Havershams

    A family of five, they are coming along to grow food for the new town. They are a friendly family. The members are Erman, Coralyn, Erman Jr (16), Herman (12), and Hope (11).

  • Mills

    Donder is about average height (5'9") and wire thin. He has a generally unkempt appearance and tends to always have a bottle on him. His son, Tommer (10) is nice and friendly, though he doesn't talk much. He tends to spend most of his free time playing by …

  • Omber Broadfoot

    An amiable Strongheart halfling. Omber has short dark hair and twinkling eyes. He will often ask to hear tales from someone, but they seldom get a chance to finish before he begins spinning one of his long, boring yarns. He has a small cart packed to …

  • Torvins

    A family of six, the Torvins are also looking to set down roots in a new land. The family consists of Sherman, Thistle, Heather, Eldon, Rose, and Pansy.