Yuri Urjak

dwarven wizard


Mythweavers sheet

Yurgan Urjak is a young, bearded gold dwarf. His clothes are dusty and his black beard is unkempt and singed. He peers grimly out from under a beaten, wide-brimmed hat. He wears a heavy, brown wool cloak over worn brown riding clothes that have been mended many times. Across his chest hangs a leather bandolier loaded with numerous thin stone tablets, each etched with mystical runes.


Arerl (Father’s Blood) Vondar (Deep Town) was born in one of the deepest mines of the Great Rift. His home was destroyed by Troglodytes, and he had to sell his father’s armor (Mithral Heavy Plate) to survive and pay for his training as a wizard. He has taken the name Yurgan (Rune Crafter) Urjak (Death Home), and left the Great Rift in search of fortune and wisdom to redeem himself in the eyes of his family’s ghosts.

He returned to the Great Rift in the company of a young Gold Dwarf who had fled his family for some reason. They went west along the Golden Way until Telflamm, from whence they took a ship to Arrabar in Chondath. They proceeded south along the Golden Road, then east to the Great Rift. The young dwarf was able to persuade some number of dwarves to return as settlers with Yuri and him, whereupon they backtracked. Along the way back, they were attacked by a pirate ship, but valiantly fought back and captured it; Yuri got a handsome portion of the proceeds of the sale of the vessel and its booty.

He wants to build a wizard’s tower in Wayhaven.

Yuri Urjak

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